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The Madison Real Estate Investors Association
2809 Fish Hatchery Road
Fitchburg, WI 53713

What is the MAIL All About?

We are a sub-group of the Madison REIA, the area’s premier Real Estate Investors Association.  The REIA welcomes all levels of investors, and strives to develop and guide individuals in a productive, ethical direction.

The “gurus” that fly in and out of Madison will tell you that, without a doubt, real estate investing is right for you, and that they can set you up to make millions of dollars.  Their real job is to fly in, Sell The Dream, then leave.

Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on programs that have you chasing that dream, wouldn’t you like to know if real estate investing is really right for you?  Welcome to the Madison Aspiring Investors Luncheon.

This group serves three purposes; 1) to give you a real-world look at real estate investing, 2) help you determine if you could be successful at it, and 3) if so, how to plan for and begin executing your real estate investing business.

The luncheon facilitators are actual real estate investors that live and work in and around Madison.  They are members of the Madison REIA and have an interest in fostering ethical, legitimate, and profitable businesses.

Are you a seasoned investor?  Try our advanced investor breakfast.

Why Would You Join The MAIL?

You are curious about this business.  Perhaps you’ve watched HGTV or A&E and have seen so-called “flippers” who buy houses at rock-bottom prices, fix them up, then sell for top-dollar.  You wonder if you could do that.

You know someone who invests in real estate but you don’t really know what they do, and you’d like to know if it is something that you could be happy doing.  Or a friend has suggested that you both look into doing this.

You know that there’s something more to life and life’s work than putting in your time and doing what you are told to do all day long.  You want to experience a freedom that just isn’t possible in your current job.

You’ve decided you’re doing this thing and you’re not quite sure how to get started, despite all the self-help videos and blogs online.  You know that there is a “local” component to doing this work, and you’re looking for local experts.

Things To Consider

  • The MAIL meets once per month from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM at an undisclosed location, and it’s a ‘working lunch’.
  • You will want to attend every month as the topics and the speakers will change.  Eventually, you may be at the Advanced Investors Breakfast.
  • The MAIL is for aspiring investors; the experts in attendance are there to guide you, regardless of your knowledge or background.
  • This is NOT a pitch-fest.  Nobody is here to sell anything to the group.  This group is all about community and getting people started.
  • This group is limited to 15 people maximum.  If we’re full, we will let you know and then put you on the waiting list.

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